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“Moving Solo”: Three Steps To Moving On Your Own

Like snowflakes, no two moves are ever the same.
Large families may have more physical objects to pick up and move around, but they can also spread their labor across more people. This means less work and, often, a more efficient move overall.
When you’re on your own, the process might seem simpler, but can actually be a lot more daunting. After all, everything comes down to you.

Not to worry, though – while you may have to put in more advance work, moving solo doesn’t have to be some monstrous chore. With the following three awesome moving tips, you’ll be able to move with the strength of ten regular movers!

moving solo

Leave Something To The Professionals

The first thing to keep in mind ahead of your move is that, even if you only have a few items, a moving service is almost always an option. Give your belongings a close inspection and ask yourself, “Are there few enough things here to where moving them in my car wouldn’t be a nightmare?”

If you can’t honestly and easily say yes, you should get a professional in to handle at least some of the work for you. Moving services connect you with knowledgeable professionals to handle a lot of the work on moving day. With this kind of service in place, you can simply supervise the move, instead of being locked into physically carrying boxes and furniture all day.

Working with movers, you can focus on the things that matter: your new home and getting set up, instead of boring physical labor.

Packers Are An Option, As Well

Something a lot of people don’t consider when it comes to their move is hiring a professional packer to put their belongings together.
The value of a packing service is fairly obvious: experienced packing  work to secure your personal belongings before your move. This does more than “just keeping your stuff safe” on the big day – it frees up your time in the days leading up to the move.

Family And Friends: Sign ‘Em Up!

Professional movers are the best value for your money when it comes to handling your move. For what you pay, you get peace of mind knowing your boxes and furniture are being handled by capable, experienced professionals.
Bringing on friends and family for free might seem like a recipe for disaster, but there are smart ways to do it. Hold a housewarming party in your first week and invite people you know over to help paint walls, move couches and hang pictures.

Moving Solo Can Be Easy

Moving an entire house’s contents from one place to another on your own can sound like a tall order to most people. But, with a little planning and maybe one or two really good friends, you can get on top of this process and make the best out of your moving day.

Interested in more moving day tips? Check out our other awesome blogs and check in with us at Liberty Bell Moving Group, today, for the absolute best in moving services!

Long Distance Moving with Cats

Long Distance Moving with Cats

Moving long distance can be a stressful experience.

Moving long distance with a cat is another level.

Imagine juggling three bricks, and one of them’s filled with bees, and the other two are on fire, and you’re in space. That’s moving with cats on a good day.

We don’t mean to put the fear into you, but you’re going to need help. Which is why we’ve assembled today’s list of three great moving tips for long distance moving with cats.

Long Distance Moving with Cats
Long Distance Moving with Cats

Long Distance Moving with Cats

Changing homes is disorientating, even for humans. You move into a new space and all of a sudden you don’t know where your lightbulbs are, or where you left your keys.

And it’s worse for cats. So it’s no surprise that the first thing most cats do when they move into a new house is to set up shop under the bed or on your shoulder, with their claws deep into your skin.

And the trip over, in a car or a van, trundling down highways for who knows how long? Get ready to hear your pet’s singing voice, that’s all we’re saying.

Here are a few tips you can use to take the sting out of the trip, for you and your cat.

A Trip To The Vet

Firstly, taking your pet to the vet before a move is just good for their health, cats, dogs, or otherwise. Have them verify it’s in good health and that it’s had its most up-to-date vaccinations. You’re moving somewhere new – who knows what kind of cat superflu they’ve got over there?

You can also ask about having a microchip implanted. It might sound like a lot of money, but when Captain Whiskers goes missing and you’re out at 3 AM looking for him, you might think differently.

The big thing to find out about is a tranquilizer. Your vet will be able to advise you on whether this is a good option for your cat, and you can make a call based on its temperament. Remember that forcing your cat to take a nap on moving day is not only good for you, but less traumatic for it.

Pack Snacks

Cats are like kids. If you’re going to be putting them in a seat for any long period of time, you’d best be bringing snacks.

In order to make sure your cat keeps its good mood throughout the trip, remember to pack its medications, toys, food and a disposable litter box. It should go without saying that you should bring a scooper, plastic bags, and bedding, as well.

And snacks. There’s no better solution to a mewing cat than a tasty treat in the backseat of your car. After all, they’re going through a lot, too, so why not reward them with their favorite treat?


If you’re driving to your new home or office location, it’s important to keep in mind your cat wants to drive in style.

What style?

First off, make sure it’s clean. A dusty, dirty, dank environment is just going to put your cat in a worse mood. Lay down a blanket for them to sleep on, and crack the window (by a sliver) to let in some fresh air.

If you happen to be taking a plane, make sure you find an airline with a good track record with cats. Also try to find a direct flight, to minimize your cat’s travel time.

Long Distance Moving with Cats

Ultimately, the more you do to prep your cat for your move, and your car for your cat, the better you’re likely to do when the big day comes.

Hopefully, with our list of tips for long distance moving with cats, you’ll be ready. Interested in more great moving tips from a company in the know? Check out our other fantastic blog posts, today, and get ready to move the right way.


moving truck

How To Pack A Moving Truck

Moving’s a complicated process, before you ever even get to the moving truck. There’s the packing, the unpacking, hours of lifting, and days of planning with various movers, landlords, and helpful friends. A million questions like “What do I take?” and, even more importantly, “What do I give away?”

Not to mention finding a moving company you can trust. Or, once you’ve found one, knowing how to pack their truck when the big day comes.

Believe it or not, this simple task can make or break your moving experience. Join us, today, and we’ll show you how to pack a moving truck so things proceed smoothly on day zero.

moving truck
moving truck

First, A Moving Truck Packing List

Nobody loves to move houses. Knowing this, there are some things you can do to help grease the wheels on your next move. Start with a list. This list, in fact:

  • Pack items that are similar in size and weight together in the back of the truck. This will help to protect smaller items from being crushed when bigger ones tilt or fall over.
  • Keep items grouped according to what room they came from. Don’t be tempted to cross over – you will hate yourself when you’re running back and forth from your bathroom to the kitchen holding a shampoo-covered cheese grater. Label every box. If you have time, attach a list of contents as well.
  • Bubble wrap your breakables.
  • Just like when you’re bagging your groceries, make sure to place heavier items at the bottom of the box, and lighter at the top.
  • If your box weighs more than 30 lbs, it’s too heavy, even if you can easily carry it.

Great, now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s talk packing turkey.

A Place For Everything (And Everything In Its Place)

  1. First, load your heavy appliances, placing them against the wall closest to the cab. These appliances should be kept upright, and you should make sure any hoses are removed from their relevant appliances.
  2. Load your sofas, tables, and mattresses into the truck, next. You can maximize your space usage by shifting sofas over into vertical positions. Remove table legs as far as possible, before placing the table top itself vertically into the truck.
  3. Next, place the heaviest of your boxes on top of your appliances and furniture. Squeeze in any headboards and bed frames between the mattresses.
  4. Place heavy boxes in the middle of your truck, and lighter ones on top of those. Make sure your boxes are packed close together to stop them from sliding along with the movement of your truck.
  5. Finally, put any of your carpets, rolled up and upright, near the back of the truck. This way, they can be off-loaded first and put down on your new floors so nobody scuffs anything while you’re offloading.

How To Pack A Moving Truck? Now You Know

A move can be a chaotic experience. With the right amount of planning and a good team of people in your corner, though, you can turn it into something simple and easy to predict.

Interested in learning more about moving houses, or looking for professional moving services? Check out some of our other great blog posts or get in touch with us, today, and let’s get moving!


Why You Should Donate Before Your Next Big Move

It’s not every day most people move houses.

Maybe you’re especially nomadic and you find yourself in new homes every few years. Maybe you’ve changed offices a few times in the last year. Regardless of how often you pack up your life and move into a new space, you’ll know the feeling of looking down at a floor full of boxes and thinking “Do I really need all of this?”

Have you considered donating?

There’s a good chance you should.

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at five great reasons you should be donating your stuff ahead of your next big move.

donate your spare items

You’ll Save On Your Move

When you’re looking at a house full of furniture and items that hold meaning for you, it can be hard to choose ones to simple “say goodbye” to. But the truth is, the first thing you need to know about donating items before the move is that you’re really only doing yourself a favor.

Because you’ll be saving money. When a moving company calculates your overall cost based on the weight of your belongings, it makes sense to donate what you can and keep those numbers low.

An Opportunity To Declutter

Next on our list of reasons to donate before your next big move is the fact that donating your excess belongings helps to simplify things. What things? Everything.

Moving to a house and having less stuff, overall, to unpack means less work to do. You’ll be able to set yourself up for a day-long move, with no unnecessary fuss or excess work. More than that, your new home or office will benefit from a sleek, uncluttered look, and you’ll be able to bring in new furniture as and when you need them.

A Chance To Give Back

One of the more obvious benefits to donating your unwanted items lies in giving back to the people in the community around you. It may sound simple, but the emotional reward from donating household items to people who don’t have any of their own is immeasurable.

Look into local charities that service people you connect with. Do your research, and you’re guaranteed to find an organization that you support and whose beneficiaries speak to you. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Save Time (And Frustration)

Donating items can help to simplify your actual moving process, as well.

People often underestimate how much time and effort will go into their moving days, telling themselves things like “It’s just moving a few boxes” or “If I load one, I can load 10”.

With less to move, you’ll shorten your move time, taking hours off of your total time spent. It’ll also be physically easier to do, meaning less chance of being frustrated with unwieldy boxes, uncooperative furniture, and other heavy items.

Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need

Boiling the donation process down to its most basic benefit, it has to be said that donating items means getting rid of stuff you honestly don’t need anymore. Which makes sense, if you look at household items on an individual level. If you had a TV in every room of the house where you could use a TV, and then you had another TV, you’d get rid of the spare.

It’s the same with other unnecessary household items. If you don’t need it, it’s reasonable to get rid of it.

Moving Houses? Consider Donating

If you’re moving house, and swimming in excess boxes, furniture and other superfluous items, the question you’re likely asking yourself is, “What do I do with all of this?”

The answer is: “Donate it”.

Looking for more insightful moving tips, ahead of your next big move? Check out some of our awesome blog posts, and move the right way, today!

Life hacks

Moving Day Life Hacks: Part 2

In recent years, the idea of so-called “life hacks” has become increasingly popular online. 

“Got too many dogs? Check out these awesome dog-walking life hacks!”

“Tired of crying every time you cut onions? Here are five great no-more-tears onion-cutting hacks!”

We’ve even discussed the idea of moving day life hacks, right here on this blog. Because this is information with inherent value, and we understand how much you have to gain from using it.

It’s with this in mind, then, that today we bring you our list of five more great moving hacks for use when your next big moving day. Because if a little is good, more must be better!

Pack Your Essentials Into Your Car

A moving truck can be a complicated space to get into and out of, especially when it’s packed full of stuff. You and half a dozen movers load it up, shut the door, and take to the road.

And when you get there, you’ve completely forgotten where you put your toothbrush. Or your baby’s formula. Or the spare key you need to get in.

Our first tip today takes care of that. Pack one box full of essentials that you keep off of the van. Pack it into your car, instead – that way, you know exactly where your box is, and that nobody’s going to unpack or move it to somewhere mysterious without checking with you.

Make Your Bed On The Truck

This might seem a little extreme, but hear us out.

Pack your bed into the back of the truck before any of your boxes. Then get your sheets, duvets, pillows, and blankets out and make your bed, as if you were at home in your bedroom.

Pack everything on top of and around it, like you normally would, and get going. When you arrive, unload everything as needed and, when you get to your bed, move it in, fully made. Once that’s done, you’ll have somewhere soft and taken care of to take a short nap.

Life hacks
Life hacks: time to make your bed.

Duct Tape Screws Into Furniture

For furniture where you’re removing screws to partially disassemble the items before moving, we’ve got a great hack for keeping everything in order.

Bag up your screws, brackets, hinges, and other small items into ziplock bags, and then duct tape the bags into the inside of your couches, cupboards and other furniture. That way, when you need to reassemble them, there’ll be no guessing where you left those all-important screws.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Half Boxes

Half the battle with a move is knowing which boxes go into which rooms.

A small but useful tip for box management comes in the form of underpacking boxes once you’ve packed everything for a room. Oftentimes, when people get to the end of their bedroom items, and there’s some space left in the box, they’ll go in search of other small items to fill it with. As humans, we tend to look at this as being economical and getting the most space for our money.

Instead, once you’ve half packed a bedroom box and you’ve got no bedroom items left, tape that box shut and move onto the next room. You’ll be glad for one or two light boxes, anyway, and there won’t be any crossover of kitchen or bathroom items moved into bedrooms or vice versa.

A Classic Storage Hack

If you’ve ever wondered whether renting a storage unit would be worth the time and money, there’s a simple way of figuring out. Simply move all of your boxes into your new house and start living out of them from day one.

This may seem like a drag, but after a while you’ll find you’re using specific items more than others. After a month, you’ll most likely have gotten everything you’re going to be using regularly out of its relative box. What’s left is probably more appropriate for storage.

Use this as a way to divide your belongings up and force yourself into storage decisions.

Life Hacks: Let Us Move You

When it comes to moving your home, office, or other living or working space, the more time you can save, the better. Hopefully, with the help of some of today’s awesome moving day life hacks, time is exactly what you’ll be saving more of.

Interested in discovering more great moving advice, or finding professional moving services? Get in touch with us, today, and get to where you’re going, the right way.

moving day

Moving Day: Five Pizza Alternatives For Your Movers

By this stage, you’ve probably gone through a “moving day” a couple of times in your life.

You know the routine: arise bright and early, buried in boxes, and answer the door for your movers. Begin loading box after box into the back of a van, before taking off for the busy streets of your new neighborhood or city.

Only, by this stage, it’s already lunchtime, and you’ve been debating buying a couple of pepperoni pizzas for the guys since 11:30 AM already.

Put down the phone, though, and step away from the Domino’s menu. We’ve got five great alternatives to a standard pizza that are sure to impress your movers and motivate them on to the final portion of your move.

Ready to get started? Good – so are we!

moving day
moving day pizza

As it turns out, there are none!

That’s right. We suckered you in with the old “Write an article about something that doesn’t exist, hinting that it might exist, before proclaiming its non-existence” trick.

A classic.

The truth is, there is nothing on this green earth people like more than their own slice of gooey, cheesy pizza in return for physical labor. Not a single thing. Heck, your movers would probably pass up on actual payment before losing out on pizza (though…don’t test that theory).

So, instead, we’ll be listing five great reasons why you should be getting pizza for everybody (including yourself, you silly goose).

It’s Delicious

If you don’t think so, there’s a strong chance you’re wrong.

As human beings, our love for salty things that are high in fat is a matter of biology. We’re programmed to love food with high salt content, lots of grease, crispy breads and chewy toppings.

The point is, it’s delicious. This is a universal truth, and your movers will love you for it.

It’s Not Boring

Of course, the moving day elephant in the room is that pizza is woefully unhealthy. And yes, it’s very smart to say things like “Well, #notallpizzas – I make mine out of ground up cauliflower and bugs”, but we’re not talking about that.

We’re talking about the only pizza that matters. Pepperoni and cheese.

And pepperoni and cheese is super unhealthy.

But it’s also not boring. It’s not a wholewheat sandwich with pesto and something else that’s green, by way of “excitement”. It’s not a quinoa salad or a yeehaw crawfish or some sort of kale smoothie extract mouse à la mode.

It’s pizza. It’s exciting. And it’s time for lunch.

No Tools Required

This is a simple point, but one in the box for practicality.

On a day when you’ll be moving dozens of boxes, plates, tables and other items, there’s no time to set six guys up at a table with knives and forks.

Pizza to the rescue.

Precut pizza doesn’t require knives, forks, or even plates to eat. If your workers have hands, they can eat pizza.

And if they don’t have hands, well, maybe they’re not cut out for the moving industry.

Even Cheap Pizza Is Good

You’ve just spent a bunch of money booking a moving service, paying your first, last and deposit at your new place, and taking the day off of work. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on lunch for a bunch of people you’ll never see again.

First of all, shame on you. The guys were all starting to really like you. Tony was going to ask if you wanted to come out and watch the game this Saturday.

Second, don’t worry. Pizza costs very little, per pie, and the results are almost always good. It’ll also give you an opportunity to explore your new neighborhood, scouting for that perfect pizza.

No Clean Up

Each pie is cut into slices, put into a box, and ready to eat. This means there’s nothing to clean up or worry about being left behind at your old place after you’ve left.

No mess. No fuss.

You’re actually doing yourself and your beleaguered movers all a favor by taking the cleanup out of their lunch.

Pizza: For A Better Moving Day

Ultimately, there are no better moving day foods than pizza.

Don’t even bother trying to find one. Instead, go out on the morning of the big day, load up on some cheesy pepperoni goodness (or something vegetarian, if needs be), and get ready for the love of your movers.

Interested in learning more about the wonderful world of moving, and how you can get more out of your next big move? Check out some of our other great articles, and get ready to do your next move right!